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Thinking of Selling?

Utilizing our unprecedented resources, we will craft a unique and winning strategy to sell your real estate.‎

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Sell With Us

While there’s much to learn from the past, we’re more interested in shaping what’s ahead. We’ve invested in unique capabilities across real estate data, strategy, engagement, and analytics. Alongside our partnerships with best-in-class real estate experts, we have all the building blocks for exceptional real estate experiences.

‎‎‎‎‎‎ ‎‎‎‎‎‎

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Mike Wilen | Real Estate Agent | Founding Partner, Minnesota Team at Coldwell Banker Realty | 750+ Properties Sold Representing the Seller (Listing Agent).

The Next Move Is Yours

The details that matter to you, matter to us. If you are looking for real estate professionals that can deliver legendary strategy and unprecedented resources, we would love to talk.



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Marketing Products

We have distilled our top-tier real estate marketing techniques into specialized Real Estate Products, ensuring exceptional outcomes and unparalleled real estate experiences. The following is how we do it.



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Exceptional Experiences

While there’s much to learn from the past, our focus is firmly on shaping the future. We have invested in unique capabilities across insights, data strategy, and innovation. By partnering with best-in-class data and intelligence experts, we have assembled all the necessary building blocks to create exceptional real estate experiences. This strategic approach positions us as leaders in both the present and future of real estate marketing.

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1megawatt (1MW.com) is our in-house marketing and advertising team dedicated to delivering exceptional strategy and creativity. We meticulously strategize, conceptualize, and produce all necessary digital and print creative content to ensure your property is showcased to its highest potential. Our digital marketing campaigns are designed to reach the right audience at the right time, blending public relations with targeted media to amplify your property's appeal. This approach elevates its prominence both locally and beyond, making your property stand out in a competitive market. Our proven process crafts highly desirable and uniquely differentiated real estate collateral, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

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NONMLS is one of the most opportunistic acronyms in real estate today. NONMLS.com functions as our single-entry, no-code content hub, systematically syndicating exclusive listings through a carefully orchestrated multi-channel sequence. This approach expands our network database, precisely pairing listings with their ideal audience.


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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is our premier choice for achieving exceptional email deliverability. By leveraging the robust infrastructure of AWS, we ensure that our emails are seamlessly delivered, including a mix of listings, surveys, and dynamic ads. Our proprietary system achieves a remarkable rate of 24 emails per second per domain, ensuring timely and efficient communication.


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Our exclusive listings garner exceptional attention through a meticulous data-driven approach. We enhance your property's visibility using multi-touch attribution models, Google Analytics remarketing, targeted social media campaigns, and proprietary SEO techniques.

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Global Teams

Mike Wilen’s international technology connections encompass teams that specialize in advanced enterprise-level insights, intelligence, and data strategy. This collaboration ensures hyper-targeted visibility for all marketing and sales initiatives, providing a significant competitive edge.

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Through memberships, subscriptions, and strategic relationships, along with our extensive data resources, we guarantee your listing receives maximum exposure across all real estate platforms. This includes the MLS reciprocity network, Google, Microsoft Search, major social media platforms, over 400 public and private platforms, and over 600 of our own in-house websites. Here are a few examples:

MikeWilen.com EdinaHouses.com 1MW.com NONMLS.com LakeMinnetonkaGroup.com LakeMinnetonkaHouses.com LakeMinnetonkaRentals.com LakeMinnetonkaTownHomes.com MaplePlainRealEstate.com MinnesotaForeclosures.com MinnesotaHomesRealEstate.com SaintPaulForeclosures.com MNRealEstateOffice.com MNRealtyOffice.com BlaineCondos.com BloomingtonTownHomes.com BurnsvilleCondos.com BurnsvilleHouses.com BurnsvilleTownHomes.com DeephavenHomes.com RichfieldTownHomes.com MinneapolisNorthloop.com MinnetristaHomes.com MinnesotaTeam.com ShakopeeHouses.com SpringLakeParkHomes.com EaganCondos.com GoldenValleyHouses.com GoldenValleyTownHomes.com SaintLouisParkHouses.com RichfieldTownHomes.com MinnesotaRealEstateOffice.com MinnesotaRealtyOffice.com

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Data Management

With a dynamic enterprise-level database exceeding 57 million contacts, our advanced data management platform seamlessly integrates across multiple platforms via APIs, including Google Cloud, MongoDB, and MySql databases. Our data synchronization with Google Analytics empowers us with real-time buyer information and actionable insights. This integration allows us to provide instant data on real estate listing engagement, leading to unparalleled results in our marketing strategies.

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Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

Recognizing that selling a pinnacle property demands unparalleled service, The Minnesota Team with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has pioneered a concierge-style experience unprecedented in the market. Our commitment to exceeding expectations mirrors the substantial financial investment involved, ensuring every client receives an experience worthy of their extraordinary property.

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Builder & Developer Services

If you’re building, planning, or developing, we have the tech tools and talent to sell it. We understand that for most buyers, the developer is as important as the project itself. By collaborating with our press team, we strategically engage media across all platforms to craft compelling narratives about the unique opportunities your project and organization offer. Additionally, our global teams, equipped with in-house marketing expertise, can manage, rebuild, or enhance your web presence, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars.

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Lender Owned (REO) Services

Today, we've assisted over 35 leading local, global, public, and private lenders in the sale and valuation of REO.

300+ REO's Sold Representing the Lender.

1,000+ Properties Managed Through Eviction.

10,000+ Portfolio Valuations.

Our complimentary re-key service saves weeks of pre-market time.

MinnesotaForeclosures.com has assisted leading lenders in the management of REO.

Developed a proprietary system to assist with calculatiing loss severity percentage on large loan portfolios.

24/7 accessibility ensures our clients' their assets are being managed with care.



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Mike Wilen

Real Estate Agent

Founding Partner & President at Minnesota Team Coldwell Banker Realty

Phone: 612-400-9000

Email: Mike@MikeWilen.com

Mike Wilen serves as the President and Founding Partner of Minnesota Team, where he leads business development and sales initiatives. With a career spanning over a decade, Mike has successfully sold more than 750 properties representing the seller - listing agent. Mike's passion lies in revolutionizing real estate transactions, a pursuit that reflects his deep curiosity and dedication. Beginning his career under the guidance of a renowned industry leader, Mike swiftly rose to become the #2 listings agent in Minnesota. His expertise spans the entire real estate spectrum, encompassing development, acquisitions, management, finance, marketing, and sales.

Mike co-founded 1Megawatt (1mw.com) Marketing & Advertising and NONMLS.com, both recognized as influential forces in their respective fields.

Had Wilen chosen another profession in which to make his name, it surely would have been in the world of tech. Mike designed a single-entry, no-code content hub powered by Amazon Web Services, featuring an extensive array of tech and martech stacks. To this day, Mike continues to develop advanced real estate technologies, such as React/NextJS big data management platforms and Angular-based systems for scraping market data. He has engineered backend listing management systems integrated with MySQL for real estate, CRM systems with React frontends, valuation APIs utilizing Axios, and comprehensive big data management solutions. Mike spearheaded the creation of an enterprise database containing over 59 million active contacts and developed websites for top-producing brokers across diverse industries. Furthermore, he adeptly manages network complexities with UTM parameter implementations and facilitated the acquisition of over 2,000 .com domains.

Mike founded MinnesotaForeclosures.com and has partnered with over 35 of the largest and most sophisticated local and global public and private lenders in the sale and valuation of real estate. During this time, he successfully sold 300 listings on behalf of lenders, managed over 1,000 properties through eviction processes, and assembled and led a team capable of performing over 90 property valuations daily. This spurred a proprietary method for calculating loss severity percentages on large loan pools. His data-driven approach is grounded in intrinsic analysis, utilizing information on eviction processes, delinquency rates, crime statistics, timeframes, average property prices, conditions, and broker price opinion (BPO) evaluations. This methodology not only accrues substantial benefits for investors but also harbors the potential to meet internal regulatory standards.

Wilen is experienced across a comprehensive spectrum of financial domains, including conventional loans, FHA and USDA loans, corporate term loans, revolving credit facilities, rehabilitation financing, mezzanine financing, short-term bridge financing, credit lines, intricate three-tranche capital structures, and balloon payment certificates of deposit (CDs).

Mike has collaborated with leading experts in development, acquisitions, and lease conversions, overseeing advertising and sales for notable conversion projects such as Regency Park Townhomes and the Villas at Chasewood. His professional background includes managing sales and marketing for large-scale projects across Minnesota, such as a 30+ unit conversion in Minneapolis, a 54+ unit development in Eden Prairie, and a 20+ unit project in Western Minnesota.

He has also played a pivotal role in designing a 130+ unit condo development in Minnetonka. Beyond project management, Mike has developed comprehensive backend management platforms tailored for large multi-family properties, enhancing operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction. His expertise extends to land and building management, successfully negotiating utility easements at city and county levels.

Mike orchestrated a transformative 100+ acre land reconfiguration in Southern Minnesota and navigated complex development negotiations in Wright County. Notably, he conceptualized and implemented a strategic land configuration along Highway 52, facilitating a $10 million refinancing opportunity. His meticulous approach to parcel division addresses challenges such as ingress, egress, powerlines, and future expansion needs, optimizing land use and infrastructure planning.

Media highlights include features in Fox News for our Winnebago Listing and Super Bowl Rentals, recognition in the Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal for our Homes expertise, and a spotlight in The New York Times for Luxury Real Estate. Additionally, we've been featured in the Star Tribune as a Home Sales Featured Agent, highlighted in The Wall Street Journal for a Mansion listing, and recognized by USA Today for the Crown Jewel of Northern Minnesota. Our presence in Artful Living, Pioneer Press, Housing Wire, Twin Cities Business Magazine, Bench and Bar, and the St. Cloud Times further underscores our leadership in property syndication, living spaces, brokerage models, law firm offices, and Victorian home sales, respectively.